Yin Style Bagua is system of personal cultivation that can be divided into two major categories: martial arts and health. The healing practices of YSB include the practice of Chinese medicine to heal others and the practice of internal cultivation (Daoyin, often referred to as Qigong) to heal oneself of illness and maintain vitality into old age.

The self healing side of Yin Style Bagua contains 3 major practices. They were drawn from Daoist and Buddhist roots and then interwoven within the Book of Changes understanding of the universe and of the human as its reflection.

• The Eight Healing Sounds of Yin Style Bagua

• The Twelve Guiding Energy Sitting Meditations of Yin Style Bagua

• The Luohan Patting System of Yin Style Bagua

These videos are available from our store at traditionalstudies.org, as part of the Healing Without Medicines series filmed with Dr. Xie Pieqi.  Below, find Andrew Nugent-Head offering a brief introduction to one of the three Daoyin practices of YSB; the Luohan Patting System.

Patting Introduction Video

Simple Patting Practice


Please find the video instructions for large pot preparation below:


Please find the video instructions for thermos method herb preparation below:


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If the Yi Jing (Book of Changes) is the flesh and bones that make up classical Chinese thought and culture, then Lao Zi’s Dao De Jing is its heart and soul. Continually sparking new translations and commentaries, it is second only to the Christian Bible in the number of books, commentaries, writings and arguments generated since it was first ‘published’ in the Warring States period–and it is certainly the most important for any practitioner or scholar of the Chinese arts.

Long the dream of ATS founder Andrew Nugent-Head to translate and elucidate this classic in the manner in which the late Professor Wang Jin-Huai taught him, Andrew has begun sharing the Dao De Jing in seminar format.

We have created this page as a resource for our patients to watch and learn more about the Eight Healing Sounds which are part of the Chinese medical paradigm of Dao Yin, commonly understood today as internal cultivation, or Qi Gong.

Traditionally, a doctor would practice internal cultivation to keep his own body healthy, as well prescribe sounds and other Dao Yin exercises to patients.  In Chinese, Dao Yin simply means guiding and leading.  In these videos one guides their attention, breath and sound to different areas of the body, and thus leads and flows circulation.  By having good flow and circulation the 100 diseases will not manifest.  We hope you enjoy these videos.

Ways To Practice the Eight Healing Sounds

01 The Ah Sound

02 The Ha Sound

03 The Heng Sound

04 The Hu Sound

05 The Mer Sound

06 The Xu Sound

07 The Yi Sound

08 The Hong Sound

Questions About The Eight Healing Sounds?