Residency Teaching Clinic

2024 Residency Teaching Clinic

Exceptional Medical Care for $75!

As an education focused not for profit, our mission is to raise the bar of medicine through meaningful and hands-on clinical training. Our 2024 resident-practitioners were selected from a competitive pool of highly experienced, licensed practitioners, and will be with us for the entire year as we aim to recreate the in-depth mentorship we had in China!

Meet Our Residents:

Tonia is a practitioner for the Austrian Olympic team, travelling with and treating athletes during competitions throughout Europe, China and beyond!

Loren is a professor at YoSan Chinese Medicine University and is in private practice in Los Angeles. Fluent in Chinese, he is a scholar and translator of ancient medical texts.

As part of their training, we are running a Residency Teaching Clinic focused on physical injuries. Available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, treatments are overseen by Andrew, JulieAnn or David, creating a platform to practice great medicine and teach others how to do the same. Teaching clinic appointments offer a longer session at a more affordable price!


Herbal prescription is not possible in this acupuncture and bodywork focused treatment.  Benefit from excellent care at affordable prices, and help us train a generation of scholar-level practitioners!