Cultivate Wellness in the Year of the Dragon

2024 Is The Year of the Dragon: Are You Ready?

My teacher, Dr Xie Pieqi, used to say: “Age is not the number of years we have lived, but the number of injuries we ignore. As they add up, we slow down. We are able to do less and less, and we blame our age instead of addressing our injuries.”

It is certain we are responsible for how we age, yet our age is not responsible for how we feel. As I personally approach 60, I am taking this to heart in 2024. It is never too late to put our health first and enjoy age without infirmity. My own focus this year is addressing my ignored injuries and illnesses–and I invite you to join me in this commitment to self-care and wellness at our clinic.

To make ourselves healthy again, we are expanding our clinic team. Along with JulieAnn, myself, David and Hannah, we have two seasoned practitioners training with us for a year long residency: Loren and Tonya. Both of these practitioners will focus on treating physical injuries and rebuilding body-health. We also welcome Danielle Hill to our team as massage therapist. Dani is excited for immersion in our clinic while she completes her Chinese medicine degree. We are training her in several Chinese massage techniques to ensure her treatments don’t just make you feel good, but address those old injuries and make you better!

Join me in my commitment to self-health in 2024–whether you see me as a patient or you gift yourself wellness treatments from our excellent staff, I urge you to take charge of how you age. Whether you are young and proactive or aging like me, everyone has something they can work on. Let “Be Well This Year” be your motto.

On behalf of all of us, I thank you for your support of our not for profit clinic.  We in turn are thankful to be part of your health-care team.  Schedule an appointment in this new year and take that first step to living your best–regardless of how old you are.

Andrew Nugent-Head
founder & Chief Practitioner
Alternative Clinic Asheville