Join us at our beautiful Asheville clinic for an experience that transcends typical healthcare, where tradition meets expertise in every treatment.

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Discover the Power of Chinese Herbal Medicine

At the Alternative Clinic, we’re proud to offer the incredible powers of Chinese Herbal Medicine, backed by the largest herbal pharmacy in the southeastern United States.  We maintain the highest standards in herb quality, sourcing only lab-tested and organic herbs, working with local farms and reputable suppliers to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Personalized Herbal Formulations

Our experienced practitioners provide custom herbal formulas tailored to resolve symptoms by treating the root cause of disease. If you are seeking relief from chronic conditions or acute ailments,  when done well, herbal treatments are profound and thorough – addressing all of you to improve quality of life, and foster health and longevity.

Natural Products for Holistic Health

In addition to custom formulas, our clinic features a range of natural products available for walk-in purchase. These products are carefully selected based on their reputation as effective medicine for many common issues.

Expert Guidance and Care

Our practitioners are world renowned experts in herbal medicine, and have written, filled and discussed more herbal formulas with patients than most western practitioners would write in a lifetime. We are trusted experts for effective, natural solutions for a variety and severity of health concerns.  Don’t take herbs reported to be helpful for your condition, take herbs designed to be helpful for you!

Visit Us for a Consultation

Schedule an appointment to discuss Chinese Herbal Medicine and receive a customized herbal solution for your health concerns.  Benefit from the guidance of our practitioners to have an expert on your health care team!

Clinic Membership

The Alternative Clinic is a 501c3 not for profit organization, founded in 1989 as the Association for Traditional Studies (ATS) (

In the state of North Carolina, insurance rarely covers alternative medicine treatments, creating financial obstacles for many.  Yet, maintaining affordable prices and making tangible improvements for every patient is crucial for our clinic’s mission.

While the majority of acupuncturists maximize revenue by concurrently running multiple treatment rooms,  our clinic is dedicated to one patient at a time for the duration of treatment. We are tangibly involved in affecting each condition, offering all the tools of Chinese medicine; acupuncture, herbs, bodywork and discussion.

To offer our exceptional care in our exceptional environment, we rely on raising $100,000 each year to subsidize treatment prices, pay our staff well above living wage, and be dedicated to each client, one at a time for optimal results.

Clinic membership is thus the main form of grassroots support we receive for our work,  Membership creates a community of patients helping our community of patients, and allows us to offer probono care to active duty fire and police.

Members receive discounts on every Chinese medicine or wellness treatment for the calendar year, as a thank you for your support and an encouragement to make treatments a frequent part of your self-care regime.  We are doing all we can to make medical care effective and affordable.  We thank you for supporting our mission!

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