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Wellness Treatments

Wellness treatments are vital for maintaining balance and harmony within the body. These practices, rooted in centuries-old wisdom, emphasize the importance of preventative care and holistic healing. It is said, “Lower level doctors treat illness that has already arrived.  Upper Level doctors treat illness before it approaches”  Recogizing the burden is upon both practitioner and patient, we aim to support our community with wellness treatments that improve the body and foster longevity.

Our wellness treatments utilize Chinese bodywork technques to optimize health, prevent illness, and enhance overall well-being. This is the meaning of nurturing life before the onset of disease.

Seeking a more comprehensive approach? See our acupuncture and herbal medicine pages for more information.

Foot & Leg Massage

Our Foot & Leg Massage combines traditional Chinese massage techniques with the therapeutic benefits of reflexology. By targeting specific points on the feet and legs, this massage works to stimulate your internal organs, bolster your immune system, and induce a state of deep relaxation. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to destress, improve their overall health, and enjoy a moment of tranquility in their busy lives.

Meridian Flow Massage

A famous Chinese saying underscores the importance of good flow: “Where there is pain, there is no flow. Where there is flow, there is no pain”. This 45 minute treatment applies Chinese massage techniques to lengthen the sinews and tendons and flow Qi through the meridians.

Neck & Shoulders

Release and Rejuvenate: This service combines the soothing power of massage and sliding cups with penetrating herbal liniment. Together, these techniques work in harmony to alleviate tension in the neck, back, and shoulders, promoting relaxation and relieving discomfort. Ideal for those who carry stress in their upper body or spend long hours at a desk, this treatment is a gateway to enhanced wellbeing and muscular relief.

Abdominal Massage for Optimal Health

Holistic Digestive Care: Our Abdominal Massage for Optimal Health offers a gentle, fully clothed massage focusing on stimulating your digestive and reproductive organs. This treatment is particularly effective when undertaken as a series of 3-5 sessions over three weeks, allowing your body to gradually adjust and respond. We recommend eating lightly before and after each session and wearing loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate the best results. This nurturing treatment is ideal for enhancing digestive wellness, supporting reproductive health, and promoting overall bodily harmony.

Clinic Membership

The Alternative Clinic is a 501c3 not for profit organization, founded in 1989 as the Association for Traditional Studies (ATS) (

In the state of North Carolina, insurance rarely covers alternative medicine treatments, creating financial obstacles for many.   Yet, maintaining affordable prices and making tangible improvements for every patient is crucial for our clinic’s mission.

There is no way to charge what it should cost to see a practitioner of our skill level nor  charge rates that sustains our clinic.  While the majority of acupuncturists maximize revenue by running multiple treatment rooms concurrently,  our clinic is dedicated to one patient at a time for the duration of treatment. We are tangibly involved in making changes happen and we do not think that simply tapping in needles to let a patient rest to elevator music represents the potential or brilliance of Chinese medicine.

Thus, we rely on raising over $100,000 each year to subsidize treatment prices, pay our staff well above living wage, run a first rate clinic and be dedicated to each client for optimal results.

Clinic membership is thus crucial to show grassroots support for our work, allows us to offer pro-bono care to active fire and police.  Membership also creates a community of patients helping our community of patients.

Members receive discounts on every treatment, as both a thank you for your support as well as encouragement to make follow up visits and wellness care a frequent part of your self-care regime.  We are doing all we can to make medical care effective and affordable.  We thank you for your help to continue our mission!

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