Our highly trained practitioners will work with you to destress, alleviate pain, or begin working on a complicated medical condition.  We offer Chinese medicine, herbal prescription and wellness treatments in our beautiful Asheville clinic!

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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture:

  • New Patient Intake: first consultation to gather information, outline a treatment plan & prescribe herbal formula. Clients who book this service should expect to follow up with the same practitioner for a series of treatments to resolve the condition and discuss/ modify herbal formula. Booking sequential visits ahead of time is highly recommended to ensure practitioner availability and ensure continuity of care.
  • Follow Up Treatment: consultation to quantify changes, modify formula, consult on the case or treatment options, and perform acupuncture & bodywork time permitting. Clients should expect to spend 40 dedicated minutes with their practitioner.  Booking sequential visits ahead of time is highly recommended to ensure practitioner availability and ensure continuity of care.
  • Extended Treatment: for new patients with complicated conditions or for those who require more than 40 minutes with their practitioner, please consider booking two back to back appointments.

Wellness Services:

  • Neck & Shoulders Treatment: alleviate stress and soften the neck & upper back with this combination of massage, cupping and acupuncture.
  • Abdominal Masssage for Optimal Health: this fully clothed treatment stimulates and enlivens the digestive system, tones abdominal tissue and supports fertility. For optimal benefit, a series of 3-5 sessions within a 4-6 week period is recommended.
  • Destress Treatment: this fully clothed treatment resets the nervous system through the sound-vibration of singing bowls and tuning forks applied to meridians and acupoints. Deeply calming and resetting.
  • Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage: 50 or 80 minute tip-free treatments tailored to each individual in our private massage room.

Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy is the largest authentic herbal pharmacy in the Southeast! We fill herbal prescriptions by walk in and sell herbs to the public. Formulas must be submitted in person to our front desk staff with payment at time of order.  Formulas will be added to our que and filled as quickly as possible. Formulas are not accepted by email or phone request.

Clinic Membership

The Alternative Clinic is part of the 501c3 not for profit organization, the Association for Traditional Studies (ATS) (www.traditionalstudies.org).

In the state of North Carolina, insurance rarely covers alternative medicine treatments, creating financial obstacles for many to receive medical care.  As a teaching clinic, we rely on a broad patient base ranging in illness severity to create meaningful clinical training.  If our colleagues see effective treatment for a variety of illness in our clinic, they will be able to duplicate the skill wherever they practice in the world.  This elevates our profession and ensures the seeds of tangible and effective Chinese medicine are spread far beyond Asheville.  Maintaining affordable treatment prices to ensure those with a variety of ailments and socioeconomic backgrounds are able to seek care is thus crucial for our clinic’s misison.

There is no way to translate the value of our practitioners’ dedication to one patient at a time, or the professionality of our operation, to a per-patient or per-treatment price. Running a meaningful business does not easily translate to being a profitable one.

Thus, we rely on raising over $100,000 each year to subsidize treatment prices,  provide 20% of our treatments on a pro-bono basis, pay our staff living wages and offer free care to first responders.  Our herbs are top quality, lab tested and organic, yet we apply the lowest possible markup, removing financial obstacles to herbal treatment.

Clinic membership is thus crucial to help us run a top notch clinic with exceptional practitioners and medicines.  Membership shows grassroots support for our work, which is necessary when we apply for grants and funding. Membership also creates a community of patients helping our community of patients.

Members receive discounts on every Chinese medicine or wellness treatment, as both a thank you for your support as well as encouragement to make follow up visits and wellness care a frequent part of your self-care regime.  We are doing all we can to make medical care effective and affordable.  We need your help to continue our mission!

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