Our highly trained practitioners will work with you to resolve pain and injury or begin working on a complicated medical condition.  We offer acupuncture and Chinese medicine, herbal prescription and wellness treatments in our beautiful Asheville clinic!

Prices and appointment availability is always transparent on our booking page above.

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture

For a complete listing of our acupuncture services, click here. For more information about our Chinese herbal medicine services, click here.

  • New Patient Intake: in a first consultation we gather information, outline a treatment plan & prescribe a herbal formula. Clients who book this service should expect to follow up with the same practitioner for a series of treatments every few weeks until notable improvements are achieved. Booking sequential visits ahead of time is highly recommended to ensure practitioner availability and ensure continuity of care.
  • Follow Up Treatment: follow up visits quantify changes, modify formulas, and perform acupuncture & bodywork treatments as appropriate and time permitting. Clients should expect to spend 40 dedicated minutes with their practitioner.  Booking sequential visits ahead of time is highly recommended to ensure practitioner availability and ensure continuity of care.
  • Extended Treatment: for new patients with complicated conditions or for those who require more than 40 minutes with their practitioner, please consider booking two back to back appointments. This can only be done by calling our front desk at 828-424-7415.

Wellness Services:

  • A variety of wellness services are seasonally available. Please see link at the top of our this page for current wellness services and prices.
  • Please click here for a more complete listing of our wellness services.

Herbal Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy is the largest authentic herbal pharmacy in the Southeast! We stock only lab tested and organic herbs, and do sell herbs to the public. Stop in to see our incredible herbal pharmacy rarely found outside of a China town!

Clinic Membership

The Alternative Clinic is a 501c3 not for profit organization, founded in 1989 as the Association for Traditional Studies (ATS) (www.traditionalstudies.org).

In the state of North Carolina, insurance rarely covers alternative medicine treatments, creating financial obstacles for many.   Yet, maintaining affordable prices and making tangible improvements for every patient is crucial for our clinic’s mission.

There is no way to charge what it should cost to see a practitioner of our skill level nor  charge rates that sustains our clinic.  While the majority of acupuncturists maximize revenue by running multiple treatment rooms concurrently,  our clinic is dedicated to one patient at a time for the duration of treatment. We are tangibly involved in making changes happen and we do not think that simply tapping in needles to let a patient rest to elevator music represents the potential or brilliance of Chinese medicine.

Thus, we rely on raising over $100,000 each year to subsidize treatment prices, pay our staff well above living wage, run a first rate clinic and be dedicated to each client for optimal results.

Clinic membership is thus crucial to show grassroots support for our work, allows us to offer pro-bono care to active fire and police.  Membership also creates a community of patients helping our community of patients.

Members receive discounts on every treatment, as both a thank you for your support as well as encouragement to make follow up visits and wellness care a frequent part of your self-care regime.  We are doing all we can to make medical care effective and affordable.  We thank you for your help to continue our mission!

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