We are focused on getting you better, and teaching others how to do the same. We offer resources for our patients to learn more about Chinese Medicine, as well as a teaching focused clinic with observation and immersion programs for those learning the clinical practice of Chinese Medicine.

About Chinese Medicine & Herbs

Taking Chinese herbs is like receiving medical treatment daily. This allows us to help you in the weeks between your appointments, and make a more affordable and tangible difference for your health.

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Clinical Training

We have designed our clinical internship program to showcase Chinese medicine applied across a broad spectrum of illness & severity. Watching Chinese medicine in practice on real patients is critical to clinical efficacy, and will immediately improve one’s understanding.

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What is Tangible Medicine?

Coined by Andrew Nugent-Head in response to the esoteric perspectives of Chinese medicine in the west, The Alternative Clinic focuses on tangible, effective results for patients and practical, relevant training for licensed practitioners. To…

Flavor Nature Herbalism

Greatly influenced by scientific terminology and research, today supplements, super foods and herbs are prescribed for chemical components, symptoms and disease names. This modern perspective greatly differs from classical Chinese herbal theory.…

Why Ice Delays Recovery

This fascinating article rebukes the "RICE" standard (rest, ice, compression and elevation) and will help you understand why we do not encourage icing injuries Why Ice Delays Recovery