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Patting Practices

YIN STYLE BAGUA PATTING PRACTICES Yin Style Bagua is system of personal cultivation that can be divided into two major categories: martial arts and health. The healing practices of YSB include the practice of Chinese medicine to heal others and the practice of internal cultivation (Daoyin, often referred to as Qigong) to heal oneself of […]


Herb Cooking Instructions

INSTANT-POT Please find the video instructions for large pot preparation below: THERMOS Please find the video instructions for thermos method herb preparation below: STOVETOP Please find video instructions for stovetop herb cooking method below:


Dao De Jing Translation

If the Yi Jing (Book of Changes) is the flesh and bones that make up classical Chinese thought and culture, then Lao Zi’s Dao De Jing is its heart and soul. Continually sparking new translations and commentaries, it is second only to the Christian Bible in the number of books, commentaries, writings and arguments generated […]


8 Healing Sounds

We have created this page as a resource for our patients to watch and learn more about the Eight Healing Sounds which are part of the Chinese medical paradigm of Dao Yin, commonly understood today as internal cultivation, or Qi Gong. Traditionally, a doctor would practice internal cultivation to keep his own body healthy, as […]

Herbalism: A Classical Perspective

Today’s herbal paradigm is largely influenced by western science, applying herbs for disease names and chemical components.  This is not the foundation of how herbs were applied by great scholars of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  JulieAnn Nugent-Head works to reframe the application of herbs today, staying within the Chinese medicine paradigm when practicing […]

The Evolution of Chinese Medicine

While Chinese medicine began 2,400 years ago, the acupuncture and herbology taught in the People’s Republic of China today is dramatically different from its traditional practice. The last 150 years have had a greater impact on its evolution than at any other time in its history. To truly understand the state of Chinese medicine today, […]

What is Tangible Medicine?

Coined by Andrew Nugent-Head in response to the esoteric perspectives of Chinese medicine in the west, The Alternative Clinic focuses on tangible, effective results for patients and practical, relevant training for licensed practitioners. To read more about Tangible Medicine, please view Andrew’s article published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine: JCM Tangible Medicine Article

Flavor Nature Herbalism

Greatly influenced by scientific terminology and research, today supplements, super foods and herbs are prescribed for chemical components, symptoms and disease names. This modern perspective greatly differs from classical Chinese herbal theory.  In contrast, the Huang Di Nei Jing, a seminal text dating back 2500 years, lays out how herbs affect the body systemically, and should be […]

Why Ice Delays Recovery

This fascinating article rebukes the “RICE” standard (rest, ice, compression and elevation) and will help you understand why we do not encourage icing injuries Why Ice Delays Recovery

Patient Reviews

I was suffering from an extreme flareup of a painful chronic disorder that pharmaceuticals failed to alleviate. On my first visit my pain level dropped in half and my edema disappeared. With several more treatments, I was in total remission and back to enjoying an active, engaged life!   One of the best I have […]